Strategic Tourism Planner

Meredith Wray is a leading regional tourism expert who works with governments, industry and communities across Australia to influence the sustainable development, management and marketing of tourism.

Her planning approach is based on evidence-based thinking and meaningful stakeholder engagement to create realistic action-oriented plans to sustainably grow, develop and promote visitor economies so that they can compete, innovate and prosper over the long-term.

Meredith has been recognised as an experienced ‘Destination Management Provider’ by Australian Regional Tourism since 2012. She has a strong track record in providing strategic and sustainable tourism planning services and advice for leading destinations and regions. She is highly regarded for her critical thinking and collaborative style.

She also designs and delivers education related to sustainable tourism and has recently developed a new course called ‘Managing the Visitor Economy’ for Southern Cross University.

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Meredith develops strategic tourism plans for local governments, Regional Tourism Organisations and industry stakeholders.

Meredith provides on-going strategic advice and project management support to clients. She is highly flexible and can work with you to determine the best approach to meet your needs.

Meredith works with specialist research organisations to develop cost effective research programs to inform visitor economy planning and decision-making.

Case Studies

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Merediths Planning and Research Story

Meredith’s Planning and Research Story

Meredith brings passion, expertise and experience to the tourism-planning table and has a strong track record in tourism research, stakeholder engagement and strategic and collaborative tourism planning for regional destinations in Australia.

Her strengths lie in her capacity to identify, engage and build trust with key stakeholders to inform strategic and sustainable tourism planning.

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